This page is still under construct. In the meantime as I get all the ready made game links, trailers and such uploaded here in orderly manner, there’s some small progress pictures and gifs that I record while working. Enjoy!

Recent game projects 

I started studying Games Masters in Aalto University some time ago which gave me a great opporunity to get ideas refined and worked on together with likeminded people. Game project is indeed a feat of strength of usually more than one person and combines not only skills of game making, but communication. While I highlight my own skills in these projects, I must give credit for those who I have had the priviledge to work with.

Game projects (Click the links for videos!)

The Last Seed: Created by: Noora, Toom and Prabhav

The Healer: Created by Noora, Tatu, Navid, Matias and Ronghzhi

Purrchasers: Created by Noora, Laura, Joaquin, Jesse, Rongzhi, Emeline, Toni and Mai