Fairytales, other worlds and fantasy

Most of my work is done in digital 2D visualisation. I didn’t start as a digital designer but digital tools made it possible to visualise and share visualisations easily. Digital art opened up the possibility of creating visualisations for digitally native projects, such as computer games which have been many times part of my career. One of my most common art topics for that reason is the inspiration born from gaming and gaming communities.

Why fairytales?

Storytelling comes hand in hand with design and visualisations, even more so with ideas that sprout from my own imagination without outsiders influence on the project details. There is always a story or a fairytale in my drawings because a story is where I start creating art to begin with. As a storyteller and game designer I tend to think that playfulness and ability to think back to what inspired you as a child is the key to finding exciting ideas as an adult. Everyone should let themselves sometimes play games and tell fairytales.



3D Art and design

If anything one can say that I am a 3D artist, but I often shy away from that title, because alone it often tells so little. My process starts with imagination and 2D and expands from 3D to games and virtual reality and sometimes even back to the normal reality. To get the full understanding of what I do with 3D, head to Virtual Atelier and Games.