Galleries are collection of works I’ve done during the last 10 years. Not nearly always the final art finds a well defined category but here I’ve given some titles to get started with.

Enjoy! I hope you find something that tickles your interest in all of the galleries.


I'm a game designer. I like to think game making as "The art of the magic circle", and design games to expand on the horizon of storytelling.


Illustrations and visuals are the engine behind my inspiration and often I create them to further be utilised in digital environments, and in digital form. Digital art for me is more than anything a collection of fairytales and stories in my mind.

Virtual Atelier

Virtual reality means two things to me: tools to work with and worlds to explore. Sometimes I create content to experience it later in virtual reality, but ever so often I spend time just creating within virtual reality, when the limits of real world are not enough.

Art of Science

Science and technology provide an interesting context for creating art and visuals. Visualising science lends a hand for wider understanding of what might otherwise seem difficult to approach.

Traditional Art & Materials

Water colors, inks, papers, cellulose, brushes, casting, molding and extruding. The beauty of creating traditional art is the way we can re-invent and re-create the physical world around us.