Virtual Works

Working in virtual reality is a very different and at the same time, very intuitive design process. Perspective, time and aesthetics have their own layers on the canvas. My own experience is that some design aspects come together more intuitively in virtual reality than in digital platforms. The most important aspects is always to understand the final user experience. 

This link takes you to Teatime Research: Virtual journalism Aleppo Helsinki -project

This link takes you to Teatime Research: Virtual stage karaoke for the Finnish Music Hall of Fame -project

Virtual Sculpting and Drawing

I love virtual workflow. Spending time with models and ideas and putting myself “physically” into the same space with digital content creates empathy and narrative into content in a whole new level. While sculpting process is long and doesn’t suit in every project, it is particularly handy when a character needs to be present in some tangible way. Such was for example the characters in The Healer game and virtual sculpture of Brita Koivunen (my favourite jazz singer) for YLE Innovations project.