Science Art and Visualization

The digital and physical world is saturated with visual stories, yet there is still many untold ones, particularly in the area of science and technology. Science and information visualization are topics that I constantly go back to, because there is so much work in this field in our systemic and interconnected world. Information should be understood, no matter how hard it first appears to be. I wrote my Master’s Thesis on the topic of Visual Design of Quantum Physics, because understanding something traditionally difficult enables more people an equal opportunity to act. 

No need to be spooky.

Quantum Visualization

Asset package for Quantum Games course 2021 in Aalto University. Read more at:

Playable concepts Asset package (CC- by-3.0 license) is a set of visual assets for creating your own Quantum games and getting into game making faster.

Aalto University Quantum Games course offered understanding of quantum phenomena for game design students interested to delve into quantum topics.

Try out the browser games I’ve made:

Ainova MedTech visualization project aimed to help customers understand better the technology and available diagnostic services offered by the company.

Creating understanding towards complex MedTech information was seen as a tool to approach various stakeholders.

The new possibilities of MedTech