Physical Art and Materials

Physical Materials

My love for traditional methods, such as sketching, painting and sculpting have paved the way for discovering new practices of material development. Even though work and studies have made my daytime activities into digital practices, understanding the physical world, feel of materials and their cultural impact for the real world is the starting point for all digital creation.

Getting closer to the unseen.

Quantum Installation Art

Quantum Moss is a physical art installation depicting a mathematical Quantum Carpet simulation, where the audience can sit under the probability distribution of the unseen reality.

Weaving of Reality takes mathematical simulation into audio-visual and sensory experience level as the audience can view, listen and manipulate quantum carpet simulation.

Silent Wings is an artwork that combines sensory robotics and cellulose bio materials. A completely soundless installation reacts to approaching viewers and moves, resembling butterfly wings. 

The World is quietly watching.

& Robotics

Cellulose based bio material structures are entirely biodegradable and can hold structural stiffness, softness, transparency along with various other useful material qualities.