Master's Degree at Aalto University 2022

Game Design and Production

I’m a gamer and a game maker.

I love looking for new ways to play, which is why I take interest in quite many roles. My interest is in the making and makers, such as initial designs, visuals, animation, modelling, narrative and putting things together in the game engine. I love making demos and testing the possibilities on my own but for a ready made game, team work is needed. Teamwork, communication and being able to support others work sometimes is the biggest feat of strength that moves game projects into the finishing line.

Recent Game Projects

The Healer

By: Noora, Tatu, Navid, Matias and Ronghzhi

The Healer is a game made for Leap Motion controller (Ultraleap). In the game you become a druid like Healer, who saves people’s lives by casting spells and drawing ailments out from them. During Covid lockdown we wanted to develop gaming into a direction where museums and open spaces don’t need touch aspect while being able to offer immersive experiences.


By: Noora, Laura, Joaquin, Jesse, Rongzhi, Emeline, Toni and Mai

Purrchasers is an online co-op racing game that works through Steam. In the game two players drive a shopping cart, picking up objects, while being chased by guards in a time battle. With physics and power ups the game offers a less common co-op racing experience with humor and carefree feel.

The Last Seed by me, Prabhav and Toom is our version of the old flash game called “Soap Bubble”. In this game you guide a dandelion seed puff (Pappus) through a dark cave into freedom. If you want to try more browser games made by me, click on the links below!

Every game has an interesting process.

That’s why I love making them.

Creating procedural hand-painted textures in Substance for a 3D model.

Purrchasers catcher mechanics testing in Blender

Last Seed game level layering in Unity.

The Healer, early stage Leap motion hand control testing in Unity.

Styleguide visualisations for a space bumper car game.

Construct 3 space shooter testing.