Digital Art

Fairy-tales, other worlds and fantasy

A lot of my work is done in digital 2D and 3D visualizations, because I love visual art. I started as a traditional artist but digital tools made it possible to visualize ideas and share art more easily. Many of my artworks here have been made for computer games but some works are also done for web comics, character portraits and to study larger story concepts.


Process of Digital Art

My digital art requires almost always more than one program to create final pieces.

Digital 2D art might get done by using only Photoshop, but sometimes assets are sketched by hand, then digitally, then modeled in VR, then stylized, rigged and animated in 3D software, then taken to texturing software, perhaps separately to be clothed in another and finally into game engine where everything comes together. Optimizing this process without loosing narrative is the challenge.


Bachelor's Degree at Metropolia Applied University 2014

3D Visualization and Animation