Art Projects

A gamer who loves to design and make games.

Fairy tales are the engine of my inspiration.

Designers atelier beyond the bounds.

Art in the service of awe and understanding.

We need to re-invent and introduce the physical.


Awards and Exhibitions​

>> 2023 Quantum Moss installation reveal at Otaniemi campus, Espoo, Finland.

>> 2022 Cooler Planet Exhibition, Väre Gallery, Helsinki Design week

>> 2022 Embodied Interaction + Audiovisual Studio Exhibition 2022, Väre Gallery V2

>> 2021 Critical Making Exhibition, Aalto University of Arts and Design Väre Gallery, Finland

>> 2021 Nordic Biomaterials 2021 exhibition of research outcomes. Aalto Undergraduate centre, Finland

>> 2020 Aalto Campus Art Competition win with “Quantum Moss”.

>> 2019 Quantum Explorations Exhibition, Dipoli Gallery, Finland

>> 2019 Quantum Games Exhibition, American Physical Society meeting, Boston, USA

>> 2018 Quantum Wheel Game Jam event & exhibition, Helsinki, Finland