My mission: Shaping the future by igniting multi-disciplinary curiosity, innovation and immersive storytelling.

I’m a designer, artist and engineer in biotechnology with a passion for conceptualizing challenging science and technology concepts. My tools consist of those from service design, user experience design, game design and product design.

Advancing multi-discipline understanding is critical for our world that needs solutions for various, systemic problems. In my experience acknowledging designs usability for societal communication, such asĀ how to communicate quantum technology through art and design, can both activate and drastically increase possibilities that different stakeholders see in technology, society and equal opportunity. This is particularly true for new society changing tech.

My earlier experiences in several B2B projects in new tech and startup field, such as virtual reality and games, have centered in developing products and services that communicate immediately and immersively humanity centered aspects of the world. Human centered communication takes many forms, from visual and textual forms to spatial experiences and storytelling. The opportunities for better understanding are so many, yet still so narrowly used. There is so much more we can do.

My help is often needed, when teams and organizations struggle in taking new tools into use. Sometimes solutions feel as complex as the problems themselves to understand. This is not how it should be. Information is all around us, more available than ever, but connecting it meaningfully can be challenging. My passion is to help the understanding between people, teams, companies and systems, polish their visions.

Multi-disciplinary curiosity is what I want to bring more to the world!

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