Noora Heiskanen is a transdisciplinary designer and artist, currently working on her Master’s Thesis in the University of Design and Art in Aalto University in Finland.

Her work in the Aalto University New Media studies include research and studies in new materiality such as developing bio based materials, designing and combining electronics and biodegradable materials, designing user experience for natural hand and leg movements in digital environments, and designing playful visualisation methods for quantum mechanics.

Noora has a combined background from both the fields of molecular medicine research and engineering and design of 3D visualisation and animation. With extensive experience in storytelling, developing virtual environments and games her particular interest is in the future of human and transhuman centered design possibilities that move seamlessly between the realms of digital, virtual and real life.

In her research she’s on the look out to find and work with the difficulties that sometimes radical paradigm differences between science and design create, such as how to visualise and talk about science in a way that inspires multidisciplinary curiousity.

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